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Moringa seeds are going to be an absolute game changer for your health and wellness

Dear reader, in a second you will learn everything about Moringa seeds. Let’s start with this nice review that Simon wrote just a few days ago 🙂 !

“hi everyone, Moringa olifera will solve almost all your health problems. what fascinates me most is my kids, they like chewing a seed before taking some water, try it. Its amazing how the water tastes nice. I bet you’ll love it. Moringa has made me feel young allover again”

Thank you for your kind words Simon ! First, if you want to get the most out of Moringa seeds, CLICK HERE to download our special beginner’s guide and best tips from our experts. It’s totally free 😉

  • What Benefits Can I Expect From Moringa Seeds ?
  • How many seeds can i eat in a day ?
  • Are there any contraindication ?
  • Is there anything i should know before using Moringa Seeds ?

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What makes Moringa seeds so healthy ?

Moringa seeds, from the Moringa plant are annually harvested in the sub tropics of Asia and Africa. They are highly valued  for their nutritional benefit, just like the Moringa plant itself.

Moringa Seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals the human body needs to survive. It’s this rich concentrate of goodness that provides the seeds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cholesterol fighting qualities.

Amongst these general benefits, the high presence of vitamins offers incredibly larger doses than our typical sources:

  • Moringa seeds have more vitamin C than oranges
  • Four times more Vitamin 4 than carrots
  • Four times more Calcium than a glass of milk
  • Three times more Potassium than a banana
  • And two times more Protein than yoghurt.
Arbre De Vie Tension

What are the benefits of Moringa Seeds ?

Boost immune system
Weight Loss
Fight diabetes
Lower blood pressure
Healthy hairs and skin
sexual performance and erectile disfunction
Combat insomnia
Healthy teeth and bones
Energy and concentration
And more !

Want to try ? It’s super easy !

Here is the good news ! If you want to get and stay healthy, we designed the Moringa seeds treatment.

You don’t have to think about anything: just choose 1, 3 or 6 months duration and start your treatment the right way by eating from 5 to 10 seeds per day (recommended dosage).

We recommend at least 3 months to get the best results. Let’s recap !

  1. Order your moringa seeds today
  2. Start with 2 seeds / day and increase over time (up to 10 seeds per day)
  3. Just chew the seeds or swallow them. Either way is fine.
  4. Eat something before taking the seeds, as it’s not advisable to eat them with empty stomach.

That’s it !

Moringa Seeds Treatment

Blood Pressure

The Moringa seeds work to lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is becoming more and more of an issue as the Western world struggles with new obesity levels. High pressure can cause serious cardiovascular issues such as heart attacks and strokes.

To naturally lower blood pressures, it is suggested you take part in exercise regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle. However for some people whom are already at a dangerous stage, exercise may be out of the question, so medication will be the only alternative.

Preliminary studies show that Moringa and its seeds can lower blood pressure; however more research is still being done to confirm these theories fully. The current results prove Moringa seeds reduce oxidized lipids and safeguards heart tissues from constructional damage.  Consult your doctor before trying Moringa seeds as a blood pressure balance.

Each part of the Moringa Plant has its own benefits. Whether you’re using the leaves, flowers, roots or seeds, each will aid the body in a number of different ways. Below are just a few of the Moringa Seed benefits.

Diabetes – blood Sugar Levels

Alongside its ability to lower blood pressure, this goes hand in hand with the seed’s ability to lower blood sugar levels.

The seed’s rich zinc concentrate helps to regulate the secretion of insulin.

As this becomes more normal, the blood sugar levels also become regular.Although studies have only been done on lab rats so far, this discovery could lead to preventative and therapeutic management of diseases such as diabetes


With zero presence of cholesterol in the seeds, Moringa is known to reverse the effects of high cholesterol. High cholesterol rates in the blood are linked to the development of heart disease. In Ancient Thai medicines, Moringa is classed as a cardiotonic which controls and improves the way the heart contracts.

Moringa products monosaturated  fatty acids called oleic acid. Oliec acid (often found in olive oil) has many benefits for our health and can prevent blood clots or cardiovascular diseases. If you’re looking to improve your diet, aim to replace saturated animal fats with Moringa to keep your cholesterol levels down.

Beautiful Skin

Oils are extracted from the seeds to create a number of cosmetic products. The oils contain up to 30 antioxidants and a surplus of Vitamin A which are the ideal choice for skin products.

Vitamin A enhances the firmness of the skin to appear more youthful and fights against signs of aging and stress. This is done by promoting collagen formation within the skin cells.

The fatty oils are known as Ben oil and it forms roughly 40% of the seed. It has no smell or colour and tastes sweet.  The skin absorbs the oils without saturating the oils on the surface of the skin – and receives all the nourishing qualities the oil has to offer. The oil works as both a moisturiser and an antiseptic cleanser to get rid of acne, pimples and blackheads.

To use on the face, all you have to do is apply a few drops to the skin and massage it in like any other moisturiser or massage oil.

Moringa Seeds and Weight Loss

Ben oil from the seed extract breaks down saturated animal fats in the diet and works with the digestive system to get rid of the fats we don’t need. By doing this, the oil reduces belly fat.


The Moringa plant is well-known as a natural anti-inflammatory, so the seeds are no different. Moringa seeds can reduce soreness and boost the health of our joints. Strengthening the joints with amino-acids and proteins enables sufferers of arthritis and other disorders to live a more independent life.

Immune System

We’re all aware of the amazing benefits of Vitamin C. Moringa seeds host home to a huge level of Vitamin C which makes them ideal for boosting the immune system. The vitamins work to fight against free radicals and infectious agents.

The huge amounts of nutrients digested from eating the seeds of the Moringa plant boost the immune system and help to heal bruises, cuts, burns and minor injuries in a more timely manner.

Teeth and Bones

Rich in Zinc, Calcium and plenty other minerals, Moringa seeds ensure overall well-being.  Other minerals found in the seeds such as Iron reduce and prevent anaemia symptoms. The calcium keeps bones and teeth strong. Zinc has been known to facilitate in spermatogenesis (the process of sperm production in men).

Water Treatment

On a more charitable scale, Moringa seeds, oil and seed cake are being tested and used for treating dirty water. This paves the way to cleaner drinking water facilities in third world countries and could fight against life endangering diseases in these areas.

There’s plenty more Moringa seed benefits too, like helping with weight loss, constipation or insomnia.

Moring Seeds Encourage Hair Growth

By looking after our bodies internally, Moringa seeds can benefit our hair. Vitamin C present in the seeds can encourage and improve blood circulation through the scalp to help hair follicles grow and strengthen. This results in fully, healthier hair.

Zinc and Vitamin A also promote hair growth. Nourishing the hair tissues and repairing the cells, Zinc keeps sebaceous glands unclogged so the follicles can absorb as much nutrients as possible.

Not only are the seeds great, but the oils extracted from the seeds can be used as shampoo – to help get rid of itchy scalps and dandruff.

With these striking results, it’s no surprise how the Moringa seed has become a well-known super food across the globe. These crucial vitamins are essential for the body to fight free radicals and prevent severe oxidative damage.

How to use moringa seeds ?

The seeds are rather unique in appearance; with grey-ish white ‘wings’ surrounding them. However, just like other seeds, Moringa seeds can be eaten like nuts and added to cereals and trail mixes. When mixed with grains and hemp seeds, the Moringa will give you a boost of energy.

Alternatively, if you are able to find fresh Moringa seeds in your local health shop, serve them boiled like peas with main meals. They can also be steamed or roasted for stews and sauces.

Others suggest the seeds can be popped like popcorn but you should still be weary of how much you intake.

How much should I be using?

So far, Moringa is fairly new in the Western world. Therefore strict dosage levels have not been implemented. If you’re worried about using too many or too little Moringa seeds, be sure to ask the counter staff or a nutritionist.

Through lab research, the current ‘ideal’ dosage seems to be 150-200mg/kg. Below is a rough estimate of dosage according to a person’s weight:

  • 150llbs – 1600-2200mg
  • 200llbs – 2100-2900mg
  • 250llbs – 2700 -3600 mg

Moringa should be taken within moderation. The above outlines maximum dosages. Before reaching these levels, try out small doses as each body will react differently.

If you experience side effects or reactions you were unaware of prior to taking Moringa, stop immediately and consult your GP.

Warnings for Using Moringa Seeds


Source: stylecraze

Like any supplement, there are a few warnings to be aware of before using Moringa seeds for personal benefit.

Despite this supplement being entirely natural, there can be complications and side effects, so it’s best to know a few warnings before beginning any treatment.

  • Do not take on an empty stomach
  • Peel the seeds before eating

Some people suggest keeping the peel on and washing the seeds thorough with salt water can be beneficial when trying to lose weight and detox.

However, we would not suggest eating the seeds with the peel on.

  • Do not eat the seeds if you are pregnant or lactating.

Whilst eating the leaves and powders of the Moringa plant are deemed safe whilst pregnant, the seeds are very high in fibre and concentrates of vitamins so it is not advised to intake these during the pregnancy.

In contrast however, Moringa seeds are great for improve libido and maintaining the reproductive cells. This may be helpful if you are trying to conceive.

More information about the Moringa Tree

The tree of life

The Moringa plant – also known as the ‘Tree of Life’ – has been a great food source for indigenous cultures for thousands of years. Rich in nutrients and minerals, the plant provides the essential amino acids the body needs to grow stronger. These crucial nutrients are also found in quinoa and meats, but in less manageable quantities.

The plant has always been used in Ayurveda practices from Ancient India to cure and improve energy, sleep problems, hair, skin and boasts a nice 300 diseases in its healing repertoire.

Moringa is grown in South Asia and the tropics and has a rapid growth rate. It can be grown in harsh soil and weather conditions and remain perfectly fine – making it the ideal source of food for third world areas. It can be harvested at any time of year and works as a nutritional enhancement for countries like Malawi and Senegal.

How does moringa seeds look like ?

The seed itself has a very unique appearance. Evolutionarily designed with grey wings, the seeds are carried by the wind to fertile grounds to grow into Moringa plants further afield from the parent.

They are circular in shape and rather large for a seed. They’re found in the pods of the tree which typically look like green beans.

These green bean-like pods can grow to huge lengths and shed dozens of seeds. During the reproduction months, the Moringa tree provides hundreds and thousands of seed pods, resulting in masses each year. Despite the seeds only growing on a yearly basis, it’s worth the wait thanks to their hugely nutritional benefit.

Moringa Nutrients

To really prove the richness of the plant and its seeds, all you have to do is check its nutritional value:

  •       8.53mg of Carbohydrate
  •       2.1mg of Protein
  •       3.2mg Dietary Fibre
  •       0 of Cholesterol
  •       0.62mg of Niacin
  •       30mg of Calcium
  •       45mg of Magnesium
  •       50mg of Phosphorous
  •       461mg Potassium

As you can see there’s a tonne of goodness squeezed into the plant.

A Final Note

It’s clear to see just how amazing the Moringa plant and its seeds can be for the human body. Whether it’s working to prevent illness, heal and improve health, it really is the best superfood out there.

With its ability to offer a natural medicine and supplement, whilst fighting the battle against third world devastation, there’s really no downside to the plant.

There’s a huge range of recipes online that incorporate the leaves and seeds of the Moringa plant, so there’s plenty of ways to get your hands on the Moringa seed benefits.




This Post Has 74 Comments
    1. Dear Peter,
      Some benefits :
      Immune system improvement
      Stability of cholesterol
      Stability of blood pressure
      Decreased joint pain
      Increased energy and concentration
      Stability of blood sugar

      You can find more information on this page: https://www.moringasiam.com

      Best regards.

      1. Hello,
        How many seeds of moringa I can take daily?
        I am 105 lbs only, 43 yeast old.
        Pls. Can you respond to me.

      1. Hi Donna,

        You can mix Moringa powder in a cup of hot water and drink it as tea. You can also order moringa tea at our shop.

    1. i just started taking the moringa seeds about 2 weeks ago. i have noticed that my need for coffee has subsided. I eat 2-3 seeds a day. usually when i start to tire.

    1. Hi,

      Intakes of nutrients vary by age and gender. Concerning Moringa seeds, 3 to 10 seeds / day are recommended.

  1. Can these seeds be eaten dry or do they need to be fresh to eat? How many seeds are needed per day to help with weight loss?

  2. I grew up eating the pods cooked in fish curry and fall. I just got back from Guyana and it’s selling everywhere, I got a lot from my family tree , I eat the seeds but I don’t peel them because I can’t be bothered. Is it bad ?

  3. Thanks for promoting the tree of life i will need alot of information more especially the moringa products for i would like to promote it in Uganda. Thanks moringasiam

  4. ” Moringa seeds, oil and seed cake are being tested and used for treating dirty water. This paves the way to cleaner drinking water facilities in third world countries and could fight against life endangering diseases in these areas.”

    I am working on the water issue in third world countries, and I think this sounds very interesting. Can someone tell me more about whom is making these tests. Maybe give me contact even.?

  5. I’m wondering about the sprout-ability of moringa seeds. I’m sure they will sprout, but will they produce a fodder that can be eaten raw or cooked ? Anyone have any information on the nutritional value of the sprouted moringa seeds? I’m seriously thinking of growing these, but wonder what to do with the fully mature seed pods that will inevitably be produced. I’ve read that the young pods can be cooked like green beans. Any information about the sprouting the seeds would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    1. I have grown the tree from dried seed bought online and ate the fresh and dried leaves from it. The frost has killed it both years so I haven’t gotten a pod harvest. The leaves are very small (a coin) but easy to pick. They are more tender than spinach.

  6. I have some dried moringa seeds I bought at a special promotion event about 4 years ago. I checked the package for instructions but there was none. Do these seeds have a shelf life?

  7. Are the seeds edible prior turning black? When they are still light in color, are the edible? Are they nutritious?

  8. Pls, kindy update me more on the uses of moringa plant, leaves & seeds for the treatment of high blood pressure & lowering of high blood sugar.

  9. I tried one moringa along with my insulin. I layed down for a few hours and wokeup to find my sugar level had drop, immaculately (320 to 35 )To my surprise and I had only eaten one nut, Since then I have Tried to Monitor My intake Of insulin

  10. My daughter have rickets. I have problem looking for phosphorus vitamins. I came across moringa seeds. she is taking 5 fresh seeds per meal.She is 10 years old with leg deformities due to rickets and a chips implanted in her legs to straighten it. Does moringa seeds have side effects to her kidneys with the number of seeds she is taking? ty

  11. moringa seed is so nutritious in the body, i tested it and it`s good for health.the example i proof to you is that, when start eating moringa seeds, there was a day i go for my cd4 test and result was very amazing,my cd4 rised 456 to 1256,it was amazing improvement,trust me i can’t lie.

    1. Dear Isabel,

      You should start with 1 seed / day and increase up to 5 seeds / day for the best results.

      Hope that helped 🙂 !

  12. I am a 69 year old female and weight 12 stone got high colestral how many nuts do I need to take, my husband is 67 had cancer 6 years ago also has high blood pressure, arterial fibrillation, thyroid trouble, he weights 20 stone what would his dosage be, I hope you can answer my questions I would be very grateful
    Thank You
    MRS Reeves

    1. Dear Frances,

      Peel off the outer layer of the seed with your fingers. You can eat 3 to 10 seeds every day. Start with 3 and increase overtime according to your wishes and results.

      Hope that helped 🙂 !

    1. Hi Samson ,

      You can eat from 1 to 4 seeds / day. However we recommand you to start with 1 seed / day and then 4 / day over time as at first, your body need to adjust to this new kind of food 🙂

      Hope that helped !

  13. I have been researching the health benefits of Moriga for some years, and I have come to the realization of the immerse benefits of this plant. Great product from moringasiam., there is huge market demand for moringa presently in Nigeria. I am interested in knowing how your product could be made available for large distribution In our market

  14. Hi

    i am 36 years of age and planning to get pregnant soon. i was treated cycst years ago but sometimes i do have pains on my left side. i think they came back. can Moringa seeds be able to help me in cleaning my tube as well? or can you advise me on any Moringa products that will help me.

    1. Hi 🙂 !

      As getting pregnant you shouldn’t eat Moringa seeds. Instead, use Moringa leaves (powder or capsules). Eat 5 capsules / day or 2 teaspoons / day if you prefer the powder format.

      Hope that helped ! Have a nice day.

    1. Dear Phiona,

      While you should avoid Moringa Seeds if you’re pregnant, it is totally OK to take Moringa seeds (3 to 5 per day) if you’re not. Seeds won’t prevent someone from getting pregnant.

  15. hi everyone, Moringa olifera will solve almost all your health problems. what fascinates me most is my kids, they like chewing a seed before taking some water, try it. Its amazing how the water tastes nice. I bet you’ll love it. Moringa has made me feel young allover again.

    1. Hello Rotshak,

      A number of studies revealed the positive effects of moringa LEAVES in bringing relief to digestive tract issues.Published results proved activity of moringa leaves in relieving ulcer symptoms. The leaves were found to improve the condition of laboratory rats suffering due to gastric ulcerations.

      Hope that helped 🙂 !

  16. Thanks for this opportunity. I just got to know the wonderful benefits of moringa seeds. How long can I take the seeds?
    Thank u . From Ghana

  17. i read somewhere that moringa seed was also good for sexual performance and erectile disfunction how truth it this and how does it help

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