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After last week’s Moringa Pizza Recipe, it’s only fair to finish off your weekend binge with some ice-cream! So this week we’re making taking in your vitamins even easier with this Moringa Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. This recipe is completely delicious, as well as providing you with all the goodness of the Moringa plant and its benefits. It’s also a gluten free, dairy free and vegan  – so it’s the perfect health kick whilst the ideal midnight snack too!

Moringa Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Moringa chocolate Chip Ice Cream



To make this vibrant Moringa chocolate chip ice cream, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 can organic full-fat coconut milk
  • 1/4 cup organic unrefined granular sweetener
  • 2 teaspoons organic moringa powder
  • 1 teaspoon organic baobab powder
  • 1/2 cup organic raw cacao nibs (optional) If you’re looking for a sweeter ice cream, or don’t mind a little dairy, grab 1/2 cup of real chocolate chips!
  • You will also need a blender and an ice cream maker.

Moringa isn’t the only thing in this week’s recipe making a name for itself in the health world either. Raw cacao nibs are super popular in the vegan world – offering 4g of vegan protein in every ounce. It’s also got 9g of fibre, a tonne of antioxidants, and contains the highest source of magnesium in your diet. Moringa and Cacao sound like the best of friends!


  • Using a blender, combine the coconut milk, sweetener and Moringa powder. Make sure you blend the mixture until it is totally smooth. If you’re a little worried about the cream being too savory, have a taste and add more sweetener if you need to.
  • Pouring the mixture into an ice cream maker, follow the typical instructions on your machine to prepare it.
  • Once the ice cream maker has worked its magic, add in your cacao nibs!

Depending how you like your ice cream, you’ve got two options when it comes to serving. If you’re taken in by the creamy goodness of your healthy ice cream, then scoop up, serve and enjoy!

However, if you’re a sucker for a firmer ice cream, freeze the ice cream for 1-2 hours before serving.

Once you’re done trying out this particular recipe, try out your own concoctions! We absolutely love the way the Moringa makes this ice cream vibrant green – though some people may be disappointed when they realise this isn’t your typical mint choc-chip, so perhaps take a look at creating a mint topping or menthol ingredient to add to the mix.

Alternative, make your own nice cream. Never heard of it? By mushing up a frozen banana you’ll be able to create an ice creamy base. By adding a dash of coconut milk and a sprinkling of Moringa, voila – you’ve got yet another serving of Moringa ice cream to store away.

You could even have a go at making your own ice lollies by pouring your mixture – along with gooey compote or frozen berries into a mold and freezing them till you’re ready for a refreshing snack!

Moringa Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Source: Aduna 

Be sure to send us your own recipes, ideas or pictures of your concoctions and let us know what you think of ours!


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